Uncertainty and Emerging Tensions in Organizational Change: A Grounded Theory Study on the Orchestrating Role of the Change Leader


We draw on the grounded principle methodology to research an automation challenge in a world parcel supply firm, as carried out in three parcel sorting hubs in two international locations, looking for to determine key components in profitable change and the position of the change chief. We present {that a} essential—however usually uncared for—facet of profitable change is the detection and administration of tensions stemming from uncertainty. By recognizing and managing uncertainty and tensions (in this case, guide vs. automated, company vs. web site, and deliberate vs. emergent), the change chief, right here the industrial engineering operate, can orchestrate the differing views and expectations of company actors towards a profitable implementation of a change program. In line with latest theories on paradoxes and tensions in organizational change, our empirical outcomes indicate that efficient management of change requires the acutely aware acceptance of uncertainty and tensions between reverse choices in key determination areas.


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