There Is Unmatchable Pleasure in Feeding Stray Animals, Says Daisy Shah

Actress Daisy Shah is an animal lover and infrequently feeds strays. She says that she at all times carries meals along with her when she ventures out. The actor was not too long ago seen feeding the stray canines and cows in Andheri.

“I often feed the strays I come across, as and when I can. I actually have a box of dog biscuits in my car wherever I go. So, if I stop at a signal or if I am walking from my car to someplace and I see these adorable animals, I always feed them. There is unmatchable pleasure in doing so,” she advised IANS.

The actress says that correct segregation of rubbish must be carried out in order to be sure that animals don’t devour the unsuitable issues.

“One needs to understand that stray animals require to eat as well, so they try to fish out food from wherever possible. Many a time it lands up being from the big garbage bins that are around the city, which are provided by the BMC. The government has surely done its bit in keeping our city clean by providing us with these garbage bins, but people are yet unaware of segregating their garbage correctly.”

The actress urges individuals to divide their rubbish correctly in order that it may be disposed off in an acceptable method.

“What we can do to save these poor animals is that we should segregate our garbage based on dry, wet and recyclable. This is important as surely eating anything that is not food from the trash is detrimental to their health,” she says.

Daisy has a pet at dwelling, too. “I do have a pet, my best friend who is an adorable puppy! I had one chihuahua who passed away in January unfortunately. This one is around three-months-old right now and it’s literally like taking care of a baby. On the days that I am home, I make it a point to walk, clean and feed him but on the days that I am working, I video call him a couple of times a day so that I can have my daily dose of him! I also have a maid who is simply amazing at taking care of him so it’s surely a boon. I can’t imagine my life without my pets,” she says.

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