The Treachery of Images: Redefining the Structural System of Havana’s National Art Schools

This paper illustrates the contribution that on-site survey and graphical documentation supply to the structural comprehension of twentieth century architectural and civil engineering heritage and, subsequently, to its sustainable conservation. The analysis herein offered has recognized the true structural system of Havana’s National Art Schools, an internationally well-known architectural masterpiece that was lately investigated inside the drafting of a complete conservation administration plan. This iconic advanced was constructed proper after the Castro’s revolution and was meant to embody Cuba’s newfound freedom. To this finish, the advanced was alleged to be constructed utilizing Catalan vaulting, a method loaded with significance as a result of its provenance, affordability, and suppleness. While most of the literature, the architectural options, and the very designers assert that no concrete nor metal have been employed throughout development, current research advised {that a} bolstered concrete core is likely to be hidden behind the masonry-like look of the 5 buildings. The structural evaluation carried out in an effort to draft a conservation and administration plan for the faculty website thus turned a hermeneutic alternative to deal with this matter. Combining direct commentary, documentary analysis, and nondestructive analyses (infrared thermography and magnetometer testing), it was potential to lastly redefine the structural nature of these infamous architectures, that are certainly largely made of bolstered concrete.

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