Noida Man Develops Water-Based Oxygen Concentrator-Cum-Mini Ventilator Amidst Clamour For Oxygen

Noida Man Develops Water-Based Oxygen Concentrator-Cum-Mini Ventilator Amidst Clamour For Oxygen [ad_1]

As the need of life-saving oxygen cylinders is rising beneath rising Corona circumstances, a Noida man has developed a conveyable water-based oxygen concentrator. Normally, the machines being utilized in hospitals are air-based.

This innovation is obtainable now and that too at half the worth of the air-based oxygen cylinder’s value. The gadget which is available in three variants makes from one to eight litres of oxygen per minute from zero TDS or RO water.

The maker of this indigenous product, Ashutosh Verma, says he has been in talks with the well being authorities however his manufacturing capability is proscribed as there’s extreme demand. Against the demand of 1,000 per day, he is ready to produce solely as much as 10 to 12 items a day.

Verma is on a hiring spree to get engineers on board to step up the manufacturing additionally as restricted workers as a result of Corona lockdown had affected the manufacturing.

Ashutosh Verma, Founder Exalta India, says, “This product works as an oxygen concentrator, compressed oxygen, as well as a mini ventilator which is 100% made-in-India with no foreign components used. We’re calling it a Mini Ventilator because it can provide you with oxygen at the rate of positive pressure to the lungs which can act as a non-invasive-ventilator at your home. It’s portable, handy, and easy to carry.”

The machines use Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) know-how and are available three variants of fifty, 100 and 200 liters per minute.

“Our oxygen concentrators give you cost-benefit and the convenience of not depending on the vendors for the supply or filling of oxygen cylinders, etc. We have got more than 2,000 orders in the last few days. We have also been in talks with the government officials and private hospitals for the supply of commercial oxygen concentrators. We are trying to meet the demands of both common people and hospitals at the same time. With rising demand every day, we have increased the production of both commercial oxygen concentrator and the portable mini ventilator both. Feedback from a hospital in Gujarat has been encouraging as some patients have been discharged after treatment with the help of our products,” he mentioned

Feedback from a Gujarat hospital

One machine has saved 5 individuals’s life and discharged. Now, giving remedy to the sixth particular person. Attaching the movies of identical

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