Lockdown not for a developing country like ours, says Manipal’s Sudarshan Ballal

Lockdown not for a developing country like ours, says Manipal’s Sudarshan Ballal [ad_1]

With reviews rising about Karnataka planning a weekday curfew (lockdown) to arrest a additional surge in Covid-19 circumstances in Bengaluru, Manipal Hospitals chairman Dr Sudarshan Ballal has mentioned hardship attributable to lockdown is insufferable.

“Lock down is acceptable in developed countries where the government can pay a subsistence allowance for months together to each and every unemployed individual as was done in the UK Europe and the USA. This would be impossible in a developing country like ours,” the veteran nephrologist, whose hospital has handled a massive variety of Covid-19 sufferers, instructed ET.

“A complete lockdown was necessary the first time because we were new to the virus, needed time to build infrastructure, come up with protocols for management of these patients and of course we did not have the vaccine. Now the situation is different and a complete lockdown across the board may not be the right answer,” Dr Ballal mentioned.

During the earlier lockdown, he mentioned, the nation witnessed the distress of the working class with their livelihood disadvantaged, triggering migration of labourers with disastrous penalties on the economic system.

The manner ahead, Dr Ballal mentioned, was micro-containment zones and short-term semi lockdown in areas of uncontrolled unfold. He additionally referred to as for strict implementation of Covid acceptable behaviour, aggressive vaccination drive and ramping up infrastructure for residence care, Covid care centres, step down hospital beds, outpatient beds. Oxygen and ICU beds, he mentioned, ought to go solely to severely sick sufferers.

Veteran cardiac surgeon Dr Devi Shetty had instructed ET not too long ago that lockdown is not a resolution to fight the an infection. “Lockdown will show you how to conceal from the virus. But when you come out, the virus will get in. By hiding, you solely purchase time, however it’s a must to come again.”


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