Hospital food waste fuels green electricity

Hospital food waste fuels green electricity [ad_1]

Hospital food waste fuels green electricity | Latest News Live | Find the all top headlines, breaking news for free online April 26, 2021

Epworth Richmond is collaborating in a three-year trial to show food waste into gasoline for green vitality. As a part of the trial, food offcuts are gathered from the hospital kitchen and dehydrated in a WasteMaster machine to create a powdered residue. The residue is then used as a gasoline to generate green electricity at Yarra Valley Water’s anaerobic facility in Wollert.

In the primary 12 months of the trial — funded by the City of Yarra and Sustainability Victoria — greater than 20 tonnes of food offcuts and waste have been used to generate sufficient electricity to energy 1512 houses for a day.

Chief Operations Officer of Hospitals Nicole Waldron mentioned being extra sustainable was a key strategic focus for Epworth.

“Becoming more sustainable is a priority for Epworth. We must protect the environment and ensure resources are used responsibly,” Waldron mentioned. “The WasteMaster trial means that 72% of food waste was dehydrated and turned into electricity, diverting 20 tonnes of waste from landfill.”

A separate venture has been launched to additional scale back kitchen waste.

Epworth additionally has a PVC recycling program that has recycled greater than eight tonnes of IV fluid baggage, oxygen tubing and oxygen masks previously yr.

The PVC recycled by Epworth by Baxter Healthcare and the Vinyl Council of Victoria PVC Recycling Program is sufficient to produce 56 km of backyard hose, 2788 youngsters’s playmats or 10 playgrounds.

Epworth Group Sustainability Manager Simon Mikedis mentioned any metallic is faraway from the waste PVC earlier than it’s recycled.

“That includes 15 kg of oxygen mask clips, which were also recycled,” Mikedis added. “The program diverted eight tonnes of PVC from landfill, saving more than $6000 in tipping fees, which is important as Epworth is Victoria’s largest not-for-profit private hospital group.”

Image caption: Environmental Services Supervisor Nemesis Bumaat utilizing the WasteMaster system.


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