Get custom portraits created by artists with disabilities through the Portrait Perfect Valentine initiative

This is organised by Atypical Advantage and options eight artists from throughout India

Basil Joseph Varghese from Kochi has simply accomplished portray a bowl of fruit. It took him two days and he’s glad with the way it has turned out. “He will either keep it for himself or sell it,” says his mom Saju Joseph. Basil is 23 years outdated and has Asperger’s Syndrome, which comes beneath the Autistic Spectrum Disorders. “He is trained by artist Ashil Antony and the sessions have helped him a lot in improving his skill. Now, not a day passes when he does not draw. I cannot express my happiness to see him sell his works and earn a living out of it. It has helped improve his confidence a lot,” she says.

Vineet Saraiwala

Vineet Saraiwala

Basil is one in every of the eight artists with disabilities from throughout India to be part of the marketing campaign Portrait Perfect Valentine, that creates custom portraits to have fun Valentine’s Day. The marketing campaign is organised by Atypical Advantage, a digital expertise platform for folks with disabilities to facilitate job recruitments and sale of their artworks. It was launched in December 2020 by Vineet Saraiwala, who’s visually challenged. Says Vineet,“According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over one billion people live with some form of disability. But in India, they constitute only 0.5 per cent of the formal workforce. Through this space, I want to showcase the abilities, skills and talents of people with disability.”

This is Atypical Advantage’s first consciousness drive and other people can select from the 9 artists. “All of them have their unique styles. For example, Payal Shrishamal who has muscular dystrophy paints with coffee and Varun Naren with Fragile X Syndrome does more of oil pastel works,” says Vineet. Once an order is positioned, it can take a couple of week to complete the work and volunteers from the organisation assist in delivery it.

Digital painting by Anjan Satish

Digital portray by Anjan Satish

Vineet additionally works as an inclusion lead in Big Bazaar, and bought the thought to launch this platform after he discovered it troublesome to discover a voice-over artist and a mannequin for a challenge for his firm. “This is when I understood the importance of talent platforms. I have also been getting a lot of resumes from people with multiple skills and this gave me the push to do it,” he provides. Atypical Advantages now has 290 folks registered with it; their abilities embrace writing, performing, designing, modelling, and many others. “Anyone can join it free of cost and we have volunteers who help them make a profile and resumes if needed,” provides Vineet.

Artists on roster

  • Payal Shrishrimal -Coffee and charcoal portray
  • Anjan Satish –Digital portrait
  • Ajay Jayaprakash –Upside down portrait
  • Vyshak Ettukudukka -Acrylic portray
  • Swaminathan Manivannan– Charcoal portray
  • Basil Joseph Varghese -Acrylic portray
  • Varun Naren – Charcoal portray
  • Priya Bhargava -Acrylic portray

While proceeds go on to the artists, Vineet expenses a nominal price for the sale of artworks, saying, “It helps us sustain the organisation.”

While he agrees that there’s a higher understanding of points like inclusivity right this moment, he provides that there’s nonetheless an extended approach to go. “It should be taught from a young age and organisations and institutions should improve their infrastructure so that everyone can have equal access. Only then can we make this an equal world,” he says.


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