Characteristics of Models of Farms in the European Union

Characteristics of Models of Farms in the European Union [ad_1]

The article describes and units the definition of totally different farm fashions beneath the classes of being household, small, and large-scale business farms. The distinction was based mostly on the construction of the workforce and the relationship between agricultural revenue and the minimal wage. Family farms have been dominated by the farming household offering the labour and their revenue per capita exceeded the web minimal wage in the nation. The bigger business farms characteristic a predominance of employed labour. Based on surveys, it was discovered that in 2016 in the EU-28 there have been 10,467,000 farms (EU-13—57.3%, EU-15—42.7%). They carried out agricultural actions on an space of 173,338,000 ha (EU-13—28.5%, EU-15—71.5%). Countries of the EU-28 generated a normal output (SO) amounting to EUR 364,118,827,100 (EU-13—17.2% and EU-15—82.8%). After the delimitation, it was proven that small farming (70.8%) was the predominant kind of administration in the European Union (EU-13—88.2% and EU-15—79.8%) in comparison with household farming (18.4%) (EU-13—10.5% and EU-15—29%). In most EU nations the largest share of land sources pertains to small farms (35.6%) and household farms (38.6%) (UAA—utilised agricultural space of farms).
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